The CFF’s 2020 short films are anazing! The topics are diverse, ranging from big picture marine pollution issues to small but significant insects, even cicadas get a mention! Thanks to all the SEQ youth for making a noise about the environment through their entries.  Get online for the launch of the Premiere Screenings on 23rd October.  By watching the films you can determine the winners of the Viewers’ Choice Award – the 2020 entry (one in each age category) watched the most between the launch on 23rd, and 29th October.  Prizes for the Viewers’ Choice films include Film & TV Workshops from the Queensland School of Film & Television (QSFT)Winners of the Viewers’ Choice Award from QSFT and the $4,550 cash prizes from our other great sponsors will be announced online on Friday 30th October! Join us for these shrilling times!!